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    • June 21, 2017
    • December 31, 2018
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    2017 Fargo Moorhead Human Resource Association Wage and Salary Survey

    Our 2017 survey includes 232 positions in 18 job families to help your organization make strategic business decisions on compensation practices. We have added several positions this year and freshened up the job descriptions to make completing the survey even easier.

    The participation deadline is Monday, July 17, 2017.

    Submit your completed survey by Friday, June 30th to receive an early bird $10 Amazon gift card.

    There is no cost to participate in the survey, only to purchase the results. Participants purchasing the survey report will receive a significant discount. Survey reports will be delivered electronically in early September 2015. 

    To participate or for a complete list of surveyed jobs and sample report pages can be found here: Survey Information and Participation Materials

    Costs to purchase are as follows:

    • Survey Participant, FMHRA or Non-FMHRA Members:  only $90! 
    • Non-participant, FMHRA Members:  $199
    • Non-participant, Non-FMHRA Members:  $299


    Please email fmhra@hotmail.com or call Andrew Rosen at 218-346-8240.

    Survey administered by AP Compensation Consulting LLC.

    • July 11, 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Delta Hotels by Marriott (formerly Ramada Plaza Suites & Conference Center), Fargo ND

    Seven Steps to a Successful Mentoring Initiative

    Educational Luncheon 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Presented by Jeanne Masseth

    To register: Seven Steps to a Successful Mentoring Initiative

    Program Summary: 

    Mentoring initiatives are increasingly becoming a preferred method of employee development because they deliver tremendous value return. Organizations are able to grow high-potential employees, elevate employee engagement, increase productivity, and transfer institutional knowledge. This interactive session provides a step-by-step process for ensuring a high-quality mentoring initiative in alignment with business objectives.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Designing a mentoring initiative
    2. Implementing with impact
    3. Developing mentors and mentees
    4. Measuring outcomes
    5. Overcoming challenges

    About the Speaker: 

    Jeanne has a heart for people development! Her career spans nearly 20 years of workplace learning expertise. At Legacy Talent Development Jeanne partners with clients to retain more engaged, effective employees. Her collaborative approach builds a roadmap of learning solutions with a laser focus on client’s unique business needs. She specializes in developing talent strategy, building leaders, and sparking mentorship opportunities.

    Jeanne holds a Master’s degree in Business. She is professionally certified as a facilitator, consultant, and trainer in addition to maintaining SPHR and SHRM-SCP designations.

    Re-certification Credits:

    Approved: 1.0 SHRM credit
    Approved: 1.0 HRCI credit


    • Salad Bar: Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Shredded Carrots, Shredded Cheese, Bacon Bits, Croutons, Hard Boiled Egg, Diced Ham, Diced Turkey, Ranch, French, Vinaigrette, 1000 Island Dressings

    • Breadsticks

    • Coffee, Lemonade, Milk

    • Root Beer Floats

    Educational luncheons are free for FMHRA members & student members.

    Non-members: Please register and submit payment one week prior to the meeting. $20 charge per meeting.

    Student non-members: Please email fmhra@hotmail.com if you would like to attend. Your first meeting is free of charge.

    • August 01, 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Delta Hotels by Marriott (formerly Ramada Plaza Suites & Conference Center), Fargo ND

    Dealing with Behavioral Health Issues and Impacts on Productivity

    Educational Luncheon 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Presented by Darrin Tonsfeldt

    To register: Dealing with Behavioral Health Issues and Impacts on Productivity

    Program Summary: 

    The connection between employee productivity and behavioral health is very clear and we know prevention and early intervention can pay huge dividends in slowing the expansion of health care costs. So why do many employers continue to see limited success in their wellness and employee health initiatives? This presentation will provide insights into what works and doesn’t work along with providing recommendations on organizational strategies and leadership goals on how to build a healthier more productive workforce.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Understanding the impacts of behavioral health on employee retention and productivity. Information will be useful on a daily basis in making decision regarding performance management of employees experiencing health related performance issues.
    2. Top talents are seeking employers who engage with them in living healthier lives; presentation will inform participants on how to use health and wellness benefits as a recruiting tool.
    3. Differentiating between evidence based and non-evidence based behavioral health services. Awareness of those difference will help leaders in determining best strategies for health and wellness programs.
    4. Knowing the difference between benefits brokers and benefit consultants. Leaders will be more aware of how to strategically leverage their companies benefit dollars to get the highest quality services for their dollar.

    About the Speaker: 

    Darrin Tonsfeldt is the Division Director of Behavioral Health and Financial Services at The Village Family Service Center. Darrin provides leadership of teams and development of programs dedicated to improving the lives of families, organizations, and communities. He has a wealth of experience in clinical work, organizational consulting, executive coaching, strategic planning, corporate training, group facilitation, and crisis response in the workplace.

    Re-certification Credits:

    Approved: 1.0 SHRM credit
    Approved: 1.0 HRCI General credit


    • Breakfast Buffet

    • Scrambled Eggs

    • Hash Browns with Cheese

    • Bacon

    • Caramel Rolls
    • Sliced Fruit

    • Coffee, Hot Tea, Milk & Orange Juice

    Educational luncheons are free for FMHRA members & student members.

    Non-members: Please register and submit payment one week prior to the meeting. $20 charge per meeting.

    Student non-members: Please email fmhra@hotmail.com if you would like to attend. Your first meeting is free of charge.

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